What's Plasticity?

Plasticity Forum Announces Fourth International Conference in Cascais, Portugal

The Plasticity Forum announced on 13th March, 2015, its fourth annual conference will be held June 8 – 9 in Cascais, Portugal. The forum will form part of a global series of events in Portugal on the ocean, our impact on it and the opportunities to our broader communities via strengthened stewardship: The Economist’s World Ocean Summit and Portugal’s Blue Week. Building on the success of the previous Plasticity Forums in Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong and New York, this year’s forum will focus on “Designing for Circularity, Customer Engagement, Reverse Supply Chains and Reaching Scale.” Click here to read our press release.


Plastic – A Wasted Opportunity

It’s versatile, it’s cheap, and it’s incredibly convenient. Yet despite being designed to throw away, plastic simply doesn’t go away. The 4th annual Plasticity Forum is coming to Europe in 2015, and we hope to see you there, as this forum will bring together decision makers, innovators, brands, international associations, policy makers, and many more. You won’t want to miss this big discussion on plastic, and what companies and organizations are doing to reduce its waste impact.

Every year 280 million tons of plastic is produced globally, yet estimates suggest that only 10% each year is actually recycled. Capturing this waste stream presents a significant and untapped business opportunity, as does the redesign of packaging, and the thought process around waste creation.

The Plasticity Forum presents ideas and opens up discussions on how to harness this material in new ways, both “pre” and “post” consumer use. We address design, materials, innovations, re-use, and waste reduction in the aim of encouraging further innovations within plastic use and powerful collaborations between our community which includes producers, users, recyclers, designers, innovators and entrepreneurs.



In June 2015, Portugal will host the Blue Week, a meeting platform for all of those who care about the ocean.The Blue Week has three dimensions: business dynamics, strategic thinking and political discussion. Portugal wants to be a reference in the international discussion and action on the ocean. Its maritime vocation, its strategic position and Portugal’s will to build a sustainable blue economy are orientating the country’s navigation. Will you join this adventure? Click here to learn more.


The Economist Events’ third World Ocean Summit will be held 3rd June, 2015, in Cascais, Portugal. The Summit ambitiously aims to set a new global agenda for the ocean economy, as it will convene more than 250 global leaders from various sectors with direct interests in the oceans and igniting a constructive dialogue on solution. This event will be a great warm-up for Plasticity, since we’ll discuss the prevention of plastic in our waters and how to scale solutions in our communities and business environments. For more information about this event, click here.

Plasticity Forums

The first Plasticity Forum was held in Rio de Janeiro at the the Rio+20 Earth Summit, and was followed by a highly successful event at the Asia Society in Hong Kong in June, 2013. Plasticity is about bringing together leaders who can learn and collaborate with one another to help scale up some of the great solutions which are now coming to market. The goal is to have a world where plastic is used, but without creating a plastic footprint on our communities. Plasticity Forums showcase sustainable solutions and market opportunities for transforming plastic waste into a valuable resource.

If you missed our event in New York last year, you can view some of the presentations on our Blog/Presentations tab for videos and presentations.

Please contact us to find out more information so that you can be part of our event in 2015: hello@plasticityforum.com