London Speakers

We have not yet announced our speakers for Plasticity London, however some of the great list of speakers will include a keynote from Accenture in relation to the “New Plastic Economy,” the City of London’s Waste & Recycling Board, the Society of Plastic Engineers, British Plastics Federation and a number of amazing entrepreneurs, designers and innovators in this space.

Speakers from our Shanghai event are listed below for reference. If you would like to suggest a speaker who is an expert in their space on innovation, design, materials, recycling/recovery and solutions for a world with a reduced waste footprint at scale, please send us an email to hello@plasticityforum.com. We look forward to seeing you there.

Mr. Harsha Vardhan

Environment Responsible - Global Production

Mr. Vardhan has been associated with the fashion industry for more than 16 years. He started his career with responsibilities related to textile sourcing and quality, and gradually moved towards an environmental focus. Harsha’s experience in the sustainability field includes environmental performance in the supply chain, sustainable material development and sourcing, cleaner production techniques, energy strategy and sustainable innovation.

Harsha is currently working at H&M with the Environmental Responsibility for Global Production, based in Hong Kong. As part of this responsibility, he works closely with different business functions, as well as the supply chains in various production countries.

Harsha has a Bachelor’s degree in Textile Engineering from India and holds a Master of Science in Environment Management and Policy from Lund University, Sweden.


Mr. Kim Siu

General Manager - Marketing
A.S.Watson Industries Ltd.

“Start from the End – Driving the Recycling Circle”

Mr. Siu has 20 years of local and regional experience working for global corporations, specializing in strategic marketing and change management. He joined A.S. Watson Group in 2012, and he is now responsible for brand marketing, product development and public relations of the beverage manufacturing division of the group (A.S. Watson Industries), covering multiple markets including China and Hong Kong. He was responsible for the exciting shift from zero to 100% PET for Watsons Water bottles in Hong Kong in 2015, the first company in Asia to make such a move, saving 75,000,000 bottles from the waste stream as a result. In Hong Kong, prior to focusing on marketing in beverage brands, he worked in a diverse range of management roles including Sales, Training and Development, Accounting, Information Technology and Operations Optimisation. This in industries covering FMCG, pharmaceutical, market research and fashion retail.



Mike Biddle

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Mike Biddle

Founder and Director
MBA Polymers

“Zero Waste Solutions – Resource Opportunities for the Taking”

Dr. Mike Biddle is a winner of the 2012 Gothenburg Sustainability Prize, Economist Innovation Award, World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer, World Technology Network Award and many others. Other winners of these awards include Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Al Gore, Gro Harlem Brundtland and Kofi Annan.

Dr. Biddle founded MBA over 19 years ago – literally from his garage. He has since grown his company to what is now the world’s leading multi-national company recovering plastics from end-of-life durable goods, such as computers, electronics, business equipment, appliances and automobiles. MBA has over 300 million pounds per year of processing capacity in the US, Europe and China to turn waste into plastics for use in the same types of products from which they came. Some of the largest manufacturers in the world use MBA’s plastics to replace virgin plastics in their new products.

Dr. Biddle is one of the world’s leading experts in the space of sorting and purifying plastics at scale, with quality, and has been helping other CleanTech entrepreneurs develop their businesses for the last several years. He is now the Managing Director at Evok Innovations, a new CleanTech fund targeting clean energy solutions (www.evokinnovations.com).

主题演讲人- Mike Biddle博士
MBA Polymers公司

Biddle博士曾获2012年哥德堡可持续发展奖、经济学人创新奖、世界经济论坛科技先锋奖以及世界科技网络奖等殊荣。乔布斯、埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)、诺贝尔奖获得者艾伯特·戈尔(Al Gore)、前挪威首相格罗·哈莱姆·布伦特兰夫人(Gro Harlem Brundtland)以及前联合国秘书长科菲·安南(Kofi Annan)等人也获得过上述奖项。

Biddle博士于19年前在他的车库创立了MBA公司,并将其发展成为世界领先的专营塑料回收的跨国公司,专注于将电脑、电子电器产品、商务设备和汽车等终端产品中的塑料回收并恢复。 MBA公司每年在美国、欧洲和中国回收超过三亿的塑料并将它们恢复成原始的材料类型。全球一些大型制造商正在使用MBA的塑料来替代他们的塑料原材料来制成新产品。

Biddle博士是全球领先的能大规模且保证质量地对塑料进行分类和提纯的专家。同时他正在过去几年内帮助其它清洁科技公司开发业务。现在他担任一家全新的清洁科技基金会Evok Innovations的董事总经理,基金会专注清洁能源解决方案(www.evokinnovations.com)。

Dr. Lai Li

Director of Government Information
Jiangsu Information Centre

Jiangsu Information Center is a state-owned public institution, which belongs to Jiangsu provincial government and reports to Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission. The center has a total staff of 128, more than 1/3 fellows own senior or associate technical title. Jiangsu Information Center is mainly responsible for providing consultancy and researches on macro-economic, renewable energy, information policy and strategy in Jiangsu province. The Centre organizes and coordinates the development and utilization of information resources, building up the application platform in e-government-networks, developing and operating governmental network systems and large public databases.

Dr. Lai Li is the director of Government Information Division of Jiangsu Information Center, associate researcher of natural science and senior economist, engaging in the research on resource and environmental economy. He received PhD in Nanjing University and he has taken part in some important research projects, including projects supported by the National Science Fund, CDM grant fund, and other ministries or provincial-level projects. He has published more than ten research papers related to climate change and carbon issues, and awarded several provincial-level scientific research prizes. Recently, he is promoting the development and construction of public service platform for circular economy in Jiangsu province.




Mr. Lawrence Black

Senior Advisor - Consultant
McDonough Innovation

“Packaging Realities and the Circular Economy”

Mr. Black, Senior Advisor to McDonough Innovation, works with governments, urban planners, major corporations and thought-leaders globally to solve waste, recycling, packaging and curricular economy challenges. He is a passionate environmentalist whilst being committed to sound economic decision making. Lawrence is a consultant, entrepreneur and business leader who has worked across a wide range of industries, including retail, environmental, waste and recycling, energy, manufacturing and commercial real estate. He has held senior leadership positions, including Director Global Business Development at Waste Management, VP Retail Services Group at Grubb & Ellis Commercial Real Estate and Chief Merchant at Sport Chalet.

His retail experience includes owning and operating a number of specialty stores and serving as senior merchandising consultant to Nike, Columbia Sportswear, Patagonia, Macys, and Sports Authority among others. As a professional member of the National Speakers Association, Lawrence enjoys delivering presentations, training and executive coaching. Drawing on his strong business development capacity, he has sold over one billion dollars of products and services, primarily in the environmental services sector. In addition to his role at McDonough Innovation, he advises governments and Fortune 1000 companies on how to create effective waste and recycling strategies. He is a graduate of the WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University and participates in numerous associations.

McDonough Innovation公司资深顾问

Black先生担任McDonough Innovation的资深顾问,与政府、城市规划者、主要公司及全球意见领袖一起解决废弃物、回收、包装和循环经济所面临的挑战。 他是一位富有激情的环境问题专家,同时兼顾有利于经济性的决策。Black先生在零售、环境、废弃物和回收、能源、制造业和商业地产行业都可谓是一位顾问、企业家和商业领袖。他曾在多个企业担任高管职位,包括Waste Management担任全球商业开发总监、Grubb & Ellis商业地产公司担任零售服务副总裁以及Sport Chalet担任首席采购官。

他在零售行业也具有丰富的经验,拥有并运营多个特种商品商店,并在Nike、哥伦比亚运动服装、Patagonia、梅西百货和Sports Authority等公司担任资深采购顾问。作为国家演说人协会的一位职业成员,他长期需要进行演示、培训和管理人指导等工作。说到他强大的商业拓展能力,不得不提到他已售出逾十亿美元产品和服务的业绩,特别是在环境服务方面尤其显著。除了担任McDonough Innovation公司的资深顾问,他也为政府和财富1000公司提供有关创造有效的废弃物和回收策略的建议。Black先生毕业于美国亚利桑那州WP凯瑞商学院并是多个协会的成员。

Mr. Steve Davies

Director, Public Affairs

Mr. Davies leads marketing & public affairs globally for NatureWorks LLC, a company formed with the mission of bringing to market a broad family of naturally advanced, renewably sourced materials. He is responsible for the company’s cradle-to-cradle strategy, including feedstocks sourcing and strategy and product recovery strategies, and for managing the company’s industry and stakeholder relations, external communications and media relations.

When not wearing a NatureWorks hat, Davies has twice served (in 2011 and 2014) as Industry Chair of the SPI’s Bioplastics Council, a group formed in 2009 with the mission of promoting the development of bioplastics as an integral part of the plastics industry.

Separately Mr. Davies has also served as co-chair of the Washington based (BIO) Biotechnology Industry Organization’s biobased products working group from 2011-2013. In BIO and SPI roles, Davies was involved in formulating industry input to the US Department of Agriculture’s 2014 Farm Bill and BioPreferred program, and regularly works with industry in advocating for federal policies that promote the long term growth of the biobased products industry. He speaks regularly on behalf of SPI, and has represented the European Bioplastics Industry Association, of which NatureWorks is a longstanding board member, in North America.



Davis先生曾于2011年与2014年两次担任美国塑料工业协会(Society of Plastic Industry)生化塑料理事会的行业主席一职。该理事会于2009年成立,致力于推广塑料领域中生物塑料一支的发展。

Davis还于2011至2013年担任位于美国华盛顿的美国生物科技行业协会(BIO)生物产品工作组的联合主席。在BIO和SPI担任职务期间,Davis先生参与为美国农业部的2014农场法案和生物优先项目提供专业行业意见,并与行业同僚共同倡导联邦政策以推广生物产品行业的长期发展。 他长期代表美国塑料工业协会对外发言,并是欧洲生物塑料行业协会(European Bioplastics Industry Association)的代表,NatureWoks是该协会在北美的常驻董事会成员公司之一。

Mr. Akshay Sethi


Mr. Sethi completed his B.S. in Biochemistry from University of California – Davis, and is founder and CEO of Ambercycle. Ambercycle just won one of the H&M Global Change Awards for its unique process to digest polyester from waste in the textile industry, and then turn that into a raw material again. The Ambercycle process enables cost-advantaged PET production, and an exciting way to recycle and recover textiles. Ambercycle is interested in partners for the development of this process.


Akshay Sethi获得加州大学戴维斯分校生化专业理学士学位,创立了Ambercycle公司并担任CEO。公司曾通过将纺织业废弃物中提炼出聚酯材料并转换成原材料的特殊工艺而获得H&M Global Change奖项。Ambercyle公司拥有的PET生产工艺水平占有经济性优势,其将纺织品回收和恢复的工艺也令人称道。Ambercycle公司期待与合作伙伴一起发展这一工艺。

Mr. Yihong Lan

Founder and Chief Social Officer

Edible Packaging and the Future of Bottled Water

Mr. Lan is the founder and Chief Social Officer of Siyuan, a Social Enterprise focused on bringing clean water to rural school children. At the moment, Mr. Lan currently leads the implementation of Siyuan’s social projects as well as overall marketing and distribution strategy for the company. He was previously with CDH in their Beijing Private Equity office where he drove investments in the Consumer and Healthcare space, and prior to this he worked with Deutsche Bank Securities in their investment banking division based in New York City. He received his undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering from University of Michigan Ann Arbor.




Russel Ngo

Director - APJ Regulatory Compliance, Env. Affairs & Producer Responsibility

Mr. Ngo leads the Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) team responsible for Dell’s Regulatory Compliance, Environmental Affairs and Producer Responsibility strategy, governance of electronics recycling policies in APJ and advancing Design for Environment programs to increase sustainable product market access and packaging leadership across its entire portfolio. 

His role within Dell also includes engagement with leading partners to help influence APJ countries regulatory requirements, standards and environmental policies. As well as development of new product environmental technologies and strategies such as closed loop recycling programs. Russell actively participates in a number of associations (ITI, USITO, MAIT, etc). He had previously work at Apple, Intel and the Singapore Productivity and Standards Board (PSB) prior to joining Dell.

Russell received a BEng in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore and an MBA in Business Management from the University of Nottingham.

Moderator - Mr. Robert Grace

RC Grace LLC

Mr. Grace has been in business-to-business communications his entire career. He has broad global experience and for nearly 35 years has worked as a journalist, editor-in-chief, publishing executive and key connector of like-minded parties. Today he runs RC Grace LLC (www.rcgrace.com) in Akron, Ohio, assisting companies with marketing and communications (such as PR, editing, content creation, etc.), while also writing for various outlets and organizing events.

While with Crain Communications Inc., he oversaw the successful relaunch of the 100-year-old European Rubber Journal in London and helped to start Urethanes Technology magazine there.

In 1988 Bob returned to Akron, Ohio, to serve as founding editor of Plastics News, an award-winning, weekly business newspaper. In 2005 he oversaw the editorial launch of the bilingual (Chinese and English) PN China e-newsletter and website. While at PN he also held the titles of associate publisher, editorial director, conference director and business development director.

A long-time affiliate member of the Industrial Designers Society of America, Bob has organized numerous design-focused events, and constantly strives to help bridge the gap between the design and manufacturing communities. He currently is organizing a new conference — Design in Plastics 2016 (www.4spe.org/designinplastics) on June 21-22 in Providence, R.I. — for the Society of Plastics Engineers.
RC Grace LLC

Grace先生在其职业生涯中一直专注于B2B传播。他35年的丰富经验涵盖了记者、主编、执行出版人等工作。如今他位于美国俄亥俄州阿克伦的RC Grace LLC公司为企业提供市场营销与传播服务,业务包括公共关系、编撰、内容创造等。Grace先生同时为多个媒体撰稿以及组织活动。

在Crain Communications公司工作期间,他成功地重新推出具一百年历史的伦敦《橡胶杂志》,并在伦敦开办了《聚氨酯技术》杂志。



Keynote Speaker - Mr. Steve Russell

VP - Plastics Division
On Behalf of the World Plastics Council

“Collaborations to Develop Systems that Harness the Value of Waste”

Mr. Russell joined the American Chemistry Council in 1995 and currently serves as Vice President for the Plastics Division. In that capacity he leads the Division’s solutions-oriented programs, scientific research and public outreach regarding product innovations and solutions. Through value chain and other partnerships the Division is driving efforts to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover plastics, and to provide sustainable solutions to prevent litter, increase recycling, and address marine debris. At the American Chemistry Council, Mr. Russell has previously served as Senior Legal Counsel and as Senior Director for Health, Products and Science Policy. Mr. Russell earned a BA from the University of Kansas in 1984, and a JD from California Western School of Law in 1987.

主题演讲人——Steve Russell先生

Russell先生于1995年加入美国化学理事会,目前担任塑料部门副总裁。他领导者部门产品创新和解决方案领域的解决方案项目、科学研究和公众项目。该部门与价值链及合作伙伴一起致力于提供减少垃圾、增加回收与去除海岸碎片的可持续解决方案。 Russell先生在美国化学理事会曾担任健康、产品与科学政策的资深法律顾问和资深项目主任。他于1984年获得美国堪萨斯大学文学学士学位,1987年获加州西部法学院JD学位。

Dr. Christina Dean

CEO and founder

Christina Dean is a sustainable fashion advocate who founded Redress, the leading Asian NGO working to promote sustainability in the fashion industry, in 2007. She then went on to develop what is now the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition for emerging fashion designers, called The EcoChic Design Award. When not promoting change in industry and consumer perception towards sustainable fashion, Christina is a regular speaker at seminars and she contributes opinion pieces. She has co-authored an upcoming consumer guide and will present an upcoming TV documentary about sustainable fashion. Christina has received numerous recognitions, including Coco Eco’s ‘2010’s Most Influential Women in Green’ and by UK Vogue as one of the UK’s ‘Top 30 Inspirational Women’.

Christina is based in Hong Kong where she divides her time between working and her three children. Previously, Christina was an award winning journalist and a practicing dentist.

Redress CEO与创始人

Dean博士是一位可持续时尚事业的倡议者,她于2007年创立了非政府组织Redress来推广时尚行业的可持续发展。随后她开创了世界最大的可持续时尚设计竞赛EcoChic Design Award,面向时尚设计师新秀。她长期从事促进行业的变革以及消费者对可持续时尚的认知,此外她还在多个研讨会发言,以及为诸多媒体撰稿发表观点。她在即将播放的可持续时尚主题的电视纪录片中担任主持人。 Dean博士曾获数个奖项,如Coco Eco的“2010年最具绿色影响力的女性”,并被英国《Vogue》杂志评为“最鼓舞人心的30位女性”。


Mr. Patrick Riley

Senior VP - Greater China

“Close Looping Dispersed Materials – Moving to
Restorative Sourcing”

Mr. Riley is Senior Vice President, responsible for Greater China for Interface Asia Pacific. A division of US based Interface Inc., the global market leader in modular floor coverings, and acknowledged visionaries in the application of sustainable business and manufacturing processes.

Mr. Riley assumed this role and relocated with his wife to Shanghai in July of 2008, with the goal of planning and executing the development of a new manufacturing base for the company, in China. Completed in 2010, this major capital investment project has been a catalyst for Interface becoming the dominant modular carpet brand in North Asia, utilising the very latest design technology and environmental leadership of Interface.

Having established a new wholly owned operating company, and commissioned the plant, Patrick’s time is now devoted to driving the sustainable growth of the business in the corporate office and other commercial market segments, within the dynamic Greater China market – the business now covers 28 Provinces through a dedicated dealer network and direct sales organisation. In addition to the new plant, Interface have well-established sales and design teams operating from studios in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong along with a marketing group also based in Shanghai.

Interface Vision – To be the first company that, by its deeds, shows the entire industrial world what sustainability is in all its dimensions: people, process, product, place and profits – by 2020 – and in doing so we will become restorative through the power of influence.



Mr. Lars Boerger

Vice Director, Head of Global Marketing - Biodegradable Polymers

Bioplastics – myths, realities, and opportunities

Are bio-based or biodegradable plastics the miracle answer for the challenges of plastic pollution, or just a big hype? Dr. Lars Böerger, a specialist in compostable polymers, will give a holistic and realistic view of what bio-based and biodegradable plastics are and aren’t, and what they can and can’t achieve. He will also present successful examples of systems that make the most of biodegradable material properties through innovative design.

Dr. Böerger studied in Bielefeld, Marburg, Potsdam and St. Gallen. He holds a Master in Polymer Chemistry, an Executive Master in General Management (SGMI) from St. Gallen, Switzerland and a PhD in Colloid Chemistry from the Max-Planch-Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in Germany. During 13 years in the chemical industry he has held various positions in polymer research of BASF in Germany; afterwards he held positions comprising technical marketing, production transfer, R&D coordination, value chain marketing, ecology management and innovation management for Textile and Leather business of BASF in Shanghai. After this, he looked after innovation and IP management for the performance chemicals division of BASF.

Since 2010, Dr. Böerger has been in the Biopolymers Business of BASF. Until 2014 he was responsible for the team that develops new business for bio-based and biodegradable polymers ecovio® and ecoflex® with all aspects from value chain marketing, sustainability marketing and product/business model innovation. Currently he is heading the Global Marketing of BASF’s Biopolymer business comprising technical & commercial marketing, product development, market development and business development in the key segments agriculture, packaging and consumer. He is located in Shanghai.



Borger博士曾于比勒费尔德、马堡、波茨坦和圣加仑学习。他拥有聚合物化学硕士学位,瑞士圣加仑大学管理学(SGMI)高级管理人员硕士学位及德国马普胶体和表面研究院的胶体化学博士学位。 他于从业化学行业的十三年工作期间曾在德国巴斯夫公司聚合物研究部门担任多个职位,随后在上海巴斯夫公司纺织和皮革业务部门担任科技营销、制造转换、研发协调、价值链营销、生态管理和创新管理的多个职能,之后负责公司特殊化学品的创新和知识产权管理。 2010年后,Borger博士调往巴斯夫生物聚合物业务部门领导生物类及可降解生物类聚合物产品ecovio®与ecoflex®的新业务开发团队,工作范围涵盖从价值链营销、可持续营销和产品/业务模式创新等方面。目前他正领导着巴斯夫生物聚合物的全球营销,负责面向关键群体,如农业、包装和消费者方面的科技与商业营销、产品开发、市场开发和业务开发工作。目前他在上海工作。

Mr. Willem De Vos

Society of Plastics Engineers

“Plastics: Innovations in the Age of Interaction”

Mr. De Vos became CEO of the Society of Plastics Engineers in January 2012. SPE is a Knowledge and Networking organisation active in the plastics industry world wide, SPE is active in 30 countries, 30 divisions and 70 regional sections with members in 84 countries around the world.

He began his career in 1991 at Eurocompound, a leading European supplier of rubber emulsion compounds and coatings to the textile, automotive, and paper industries. He is a Master in Chemical & Polymer Engineering from the University of Gent, Belgium. He also holds an Executive MBA from the Vlerick Management School in Belgium and is a certified London Business School Senior Executive Program holder.

塑料工程师社区(Society of Plastics Engineers)CEO

De Vos先生于2012年起担任塑料工程师社区的CEO。塑料工程师社区是一个全球塑料行业汇聚智识及提供社交网络的组织,活跃于30个国家并在84个国家拥有30个部门和70个区域分支。 他于1991年在欧洲领先的橡胶乳剂合成物和涂层制造商Eurocompound工作,为纺织业、汽车和纸业提供产品。De Vos先生在比利时根特大学获得化学与聚合物工程硕士学位,并于比利时Vlerick管理学院获EMBA学位,伦敦商学院获高级管理人员项目证书。

Dr. Chung Shan Shan

Assistant Professor of the Biology Department
Hong Kong Baptist University

“The realities and challenges of the environmentally sound management of plastic materials in Hong Kong – the case of Hong Kong Baptist University”

Having graduated in 1996 from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Dr. Chung Shan-shan is currently an Assistant Professor of the Biology Department. Dr. Chung is also the Director of the MSc in Environmental and Public Health Management Programme, Associate Director of the MSc in Food Analysis and Food Safety Programme and Convener of the Campus Sustainability Task Force at the Hong Kong Baptist University.

Her research has been focused on waste and environmental policies of Hong Kong and various issues related to waste management and recycling behaviour. She is currently undertaking two Asian Development Bank projects to modernize waste management for several areas in the Philippines. She has also served as advisors to the Hong Kong Government and to a lesser extent Macau SAR Government on waste management policy making and facility planning issues. Currently, she is now a member of the Advisory Council on Food and Environmental Hygiene, Steering Committee on Territory-wide Food Waste Reduction Campaign and Buildings Energy Efficiency Disciplinary Board Panel, which established under the Buildings Energy Efficiency (Registered Energy Assessors) Regulation (Cap. 610B).




Dr. Richard Mattison


Mr. Mattison is CEO of Trucost Plc and has advised various UN bodies and governments on environmental reporting and ecosystem services. He has led ground-breaking projects, including developing the world’s first Environmental Profit and Loss account for PUMA, valuing the environmental costs of the world’s 3,000 largest companies for the UN-led Principles for Responsible Investment, and producing the UK Government’s Environmental Reporting Guidelines for Business.

Richard is an honourary Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a member of the Global Stranded Assets Advisory Council, advisor to The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) coalition. He has contributed to the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council.

Previously Richard held a number of senior positions as a strategy consultant with Mitchell Madison Group and began his career as a neuroscientist. Richard holds a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Edinburgh.

Richard Mattison博士
Trucost CEO

Mattison博士是Trucost Plc的CEO并为多个联合国机构和政府提供环境报告和生态系统服务方面的建议。他曾领导多个突破性项目,包括为德国PUMA公司开发世界第一个环境损益帐目,为联合国负责人投资原则(Principles for Responsible Investment)对全球3000大企业进行环境成本的估算,以及撰写英国商业环境报告指南(Environmental Reporting Guidelines for Business)。

Mattison博士是皇家艺术学会的荣誉会员(Royal Society of Arts),全球搁浅资产顾问委员会的成员(Global Stranded Assets Advisory Counci),生态系统和生物多样性的经济性协作的顾问,并为全球经济论坛国际议题设定做出贡献。

此前Mattison博士在Mitchell Madison集团担任多个策略顾问。他的职业生涯从神经科学家开始。Mattison博士于爱丁堡大学获得神经科学博士学位。

Mr. Kevin yang

Sustainability and Pack Studios manager, Asia Pacific
the Dow Chemical Company

“Innovation and Collaboration-Driving a More Circular Economy and Eliminating Marine Littering”

Mr. Yang is collectively the manager for Value Chain in Greater China and manager for Sustainability and Pack Studios in Asia Pacific for Packaging and Specialty Plastics. Based in Shanghai, Kevin is responsible for developing and managing relationships with key value chain stakeholders while identifying opportunities for unmet needs, and connecting them to Dow’s solutions.

Kevin joined Dow in 2012 as Value Chain manager for Packaging and Specialty Plastics in Greater China. His role sees him engaging Brand Owners regularly, understanding their needs to facilitate the discussions across the Value Chain. In August 2015, Kevin expanded his role to overseeing the strategies and implementation of Pack Studios and Sustainability in Asia Pacific.

A self-motivated man, with a deep knowledge of the packaging industry, Kevin has spent eight years collectively in Estee Lauder Companies and Unilever (China) Company Ltd.. Here he was a Packaging Development supervisor for Asia Pacific in Unilever, managing the launch of new products packaging of leading brands in Asia Pacific. In Estee Lauder, he joined in 2007, Kevin oversaw the global seasonal packaging development for luxury beauty brands in Asia Pacific.

Kevin received his Bachelor’s in Packaging Engineering from Hunan University of Technology in China in 2004.

Pack Studios(包装大师)经理

杨先其任包装与特种塑料业务大中华区价值链经理,兼任亚太区可持续发展及Pack Studios(包装大师)经理,工作地点为上海。他负责建立和管理与关键价值链利益攸关方的关系,着眼于实际需求寻找机遇,并将其融入陶氏的解决方案。

杨先其在2012年加入陶氏,担任包装与特种塑料业务大中华区价值链经理。他的职责是定期接触品牌所有人,了解他们的需求,以便推动贯穿价值链的讨论。2015年8月,杨先其的职责范围扩大,负责监督亚太区Pack Studios(包装大师)及可持续发展的战略和实施。



Ms. Laura Brower

Recycle Projects

“Moving the Barge of Plastic from Trash to Commodity”

Ms. Brower started her career in Aerospace Engineering, earning her BS at Purdue University and MS at the University of Colorado. She worked at various space centers, including NASA, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the Italian Space Agency. Due to her passion for community, she volunteers regularly, including teaching children, launching rockets and volunteering at the local Homeless Shelter. Laura also has a strong passion for reducing waste.

In 2012, she founded Recycle Projects, applying her engineering background to develop new infrastructure and processes for recycling. Since then she has worked collaboratively with various organizations to initiate new recycling programs and increase awareness, including the University of Colorado, Eco-Products, and Starbucks.

Recycle Projects创始人

Brower女士获美国普渡大学学士学位,后于美国科罗拉多大学获硕士学位,以航天工程师开始其职业生涯。她曾在多个与航空有关的机构工作,如美国国家航空航天局(NASA),喷气推进实验室(Jet Propulsion Laboratory)和意大利太空总署。她同时非常热心志愿工作,如教学生如何发射火箭、为当地无家可归的避难所提供志愿者服务。Brower女士在减少废弃物方面也极具热情。2012年她创立的Recycle Projects(回收项目),将她的工程师背景融入到为回收开发新的架构和工艺的工作中。此后她即与多个机构开展合作设立了新的回收项目并为他们提升知名度,合作机构包括科罗拉多大学,Eco-Products和星巴克。

Ms. Monique Maissan


Ms. Maissan is a China-based Dutch entrepreneur, specializing in high quality woven and knitted garments. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Textile Engineering from Amsterdam Poly-tech University Institute, and has over 20 years of experience in the textile industry. Monique is the driving force behind Vision Textiles, Waste2Wear, and Waste2Weave. She currently resides in Shanghai with her two children. Successfully winning the “Enterprising Women of the Year” award in 2012 and the IWEC Award 2015, which celebrates achievements of the most successful female entrepreneurs who run their business ethically and with commitment to sustainability, Monique is an expert in her field.

Monique constantly strives to build an innovative company with the ability to adapt to ever-changing demands created by its customers, as well as being environmentally conscious and understanding the need for a larger social impact. For these reasons, two brands were created to showcase these core values: Waste2Wear® and Waste2Weave. These Eco-friendly Fabrics are made from recycled plastic bottles. This special process involves turning environmentally damaging waste into useable, sustainable yarns. The recycled yarns are then combined with natural fibers to be woven or knitted into 100% eco-friendly fabrics, suitable for garments, home ware, and accessories.

The Handloom Project “Waste2Weave” and “Plastic Catch”, partnered with Ocean Recovery Alliance in Hong Kong, are just two examples. Vision Textiles is also heavily involved in charity and children’s education through their school and sports garments, as it believes that everyone can only really see a difference in the world if we create a mind-set of change with our future generations.

Maissan女士是在中国发展的荷兰企业家,她致力于高质量针织梭织服饰的开发及推广。Maissan女士毕业于阿姆斯特丹理工大学研究所(Amsterdam Poly-tech University Institute)获得纺织工程专业本科学位,并拥有逾20年的纺织产业经验—Vision Textiles、Waste2Wear,以及Waste2Weave都由Monique一手创办。目前她与两个女儿都生活在上海。作为纺织产业的专家,Monique于2012年获得“年度女企业家”以及2015年IWEC大奖,两个奖项对她在女性创业及企业可持续发展上的不懈努力都做出了极大肯定。


“Waste2Weave”手摇纺织项目以及与香港Ocean Recovery Alliance一同开展的“Plastic Catch”海洋清洁活动,都是Vision Textiles到目前为止成功创办的项目实例。与此同时,通过设计生产校园运动服装,Vision Textiles一直活跃于慈善及儿童教育当中,并坚信只有通过向下一代播下环保的理念,才能在未来见到长足性的改变。

Ms. Yuheng Zhao

Greenwood Association

Ms. Yuheng Zhao is currently studying in the college of design and innovation at Tongji University. She is currently the president of Greenroad Association, a student association focusing on environmental issues, and is also in charge of the resource group under the association. In addition, she is a member of 2015 Greencamp, and the president of the R&S group in her high school. With a passion for nature and highly concerned for the environment, she continues developing an eco-friendly lifestyle. Mostly expressing her eco-friendly passion through voluntary activities and self-study, she has gained a degree of knowledge of ecology, recycling and sustainable development. With this practical knowledge, she then applies them to graphic and product design projects. Moreover, she is organizing the paper and clothes recycle project on campus. Currently she is undertaking a Plastic Disclosure Project for Tongji University with Greenroad Association.


Andrew Almack

Chief Change Officer
Plastics for Change

“Lessons from the Invisible Changemakers”

Mr. Almack is the Chief Change Officer at Plastics for Change. His current work is focused on using mobile technology to provide urban wastepickers with fair market access to recycling. Andrew’s talk will identify the “bright spots” and successful case studies for reducing plastic pollution.

Andrew’s career has been dedicated to supporting dignified employment to reduce plastic pollution. Andrew has co-founded three award winning social enterprises in the field of waste management. He has worked in slums of South America, India and Indonesia to strengthen the informal recycling supply chain.