What's Plasticity?

The 5th Annual Plasticity Forum took place in Shanghai on April 27th and 28th, with great success, and the first discussion of its type on plastic sustainability in China. Our press release was picked up by publications with a reach of over 385 million readers, so we believe that this was a very positive launch of a bid discussion on plastic sustainability, and where the leaders are going with design, innovation, materials, recycling, and a world for a reduced waste footprint. Event photos can be viewed here.

This event was held during the same week as CHINAPLAS 2016, and included a tour to the world’s 2nd biggest plastic trade show. The Plasticity Forum also included a 1\/2-day workshop called “Go Circular – Envisioning Products and Packaging in a Circular Economy” that was held in conjunction with our partners, Successful Design, CBi China Bridge, and Green Initiatives.

We are pleased to also announce a new report which our parnters Trucost undertook, and one of the world’s first Net Benefit Analysis on sustainble plastic solutions, with Dell and Algix. If their new materials, use of recycled content and reduced packaging were to be replicated across their industries, the benefit to the global environment and our communities would be valued at over US$3.5bn annually. You can read the press release here, and download the Report Here.

The next Plasticity Forum will be held in London on September 21st, as part of the London Design Festival.

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Chinaplas 2016

The Plasticity Forum took place during the same week as CHINAPLAS 2016, the 30th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries, which was held from the 25th to 28th April, at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). As Asia’s No. 1 and world’s No. 2 plastics and rubber exhibition, CHINAPLAS has been at the forefront in driving the development and upgrade of China’s and the global plastics industry. With the robust growth of the manufacturing industry around the world, coupled with China’s continuous integration into the global economy, the scale of this show has been expanding over the past three decades. In order to celebrate its 30th edition, which marks a new milestone of the show, the Organizer unveils the new brand image of CHINAPLAS to enhance its professionalism and internationalism.

CHINAPLAS 2016 国际橡塑展“将于2016年4月25-28日回归上海,在上海新国际博览中心盛大举办,时值展会踏入第三十届的大日子,主办方将致力打造展会全新形象,借此进一步强化展会的专业化、国际化形象,同时寓意展会不断成长、壮大,跨越三十届的里程碑后将迈向下一个更新、更广的里程。而随着中国的改革开放进程及全球制造业的蓬勃发展,“国际橡塑展“的规模亦连年扩大,现已成为全球第二大及亚洲第一的塑料橡胶工业展。适逢佳时,《塑料城市论坛》Plasticity 亦将于同一星期内举行。

Last year, The Plasticity Forum held its 4th annual event on June 8 – 9th in Cascais, Portugal. Click here to see all the excellent presentations. Building on the success of the previous Plasticity Forums in Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong and New York, the European event focused on “Designing for Circularity, Customer Engagement, Reverse Supply Chains and Reaching Scale.” Click here to read our press release.

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Plastic – A Wasted Opportunity

It’s versatile, it’s cheap, and it’s incredibly convenient. Yet despite being designed to throw away, plastic simply doesn’t go away. Plasticity is unique in its forward looking, collaborative discussion on what is happening, and how we can work together, to scale waste reduction of this valuable resource. The event brings together decision makers, innovators, brands, international associations, policy makers, and many more. You won’t want to miss this big discussion on plastic, and what companies and organizations are doing to reduce its waste impact.

Every year 280 million tons of plastic is produced globally, yet estimates suggest that only 10% each year is actually recycled. Capturing this waste stream presents a significant and untapped business opportunity, as does the redesign of packaging, and the thought process around waste creation. The Plasticity Forum presents ideas and opens up discussions on how to harness this material in new ways, both “pre” and “post” consumer use.

We address design, materials, innovations, re-use, and waste reduction in the aim of encouraging further innovations within plastic use and powerful collaborations between our community which includes producers, users, recyclers, designers, innovators and entrepreneurs. The forum is taking place during the same week as Chinaplas 2016, and will include a tour to that event.

Plasticity Forums

The first Plasticity Forum was held in Rio de Janeiro at the the Rio+20 Earth Summit, and was followed by successful events in Hong Kong, New York and Portugal. Plasticity is about bringing together leaders who can learn and collaborate with one another to help scale up some of the great solutions which are now coming to market. The goal is to have a world where plastic is used, but without creating a plastic footprint on our communities. Plasticity Forums showcase sustainable solutions and market opportunities for transforming plastic waste into a valuable resource.

Please contact us to find out more information so that you can be part of our 5th annual Shanghai event in 2016: hello@plasticityforum.com